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be. IP plus PABX for up to 20 users (exp. up to 40) Supports analogue, ISDN and IP/IP DECT end devices 4 additional analogue interfaces Opt. enhancment of user, Voicemail, VPN and WLAN Management Integrated HotSpot Gateway (via license) Open system design: individual project and customer solution Smooth migration - operation mode as media gateway DATASHEET THE Plus in Communication and Flexibility The be. IP plus is the ultimate ALL-IP communications solution for businesses. It combines a scalable business telephone system with powerful routing, VPN, and wireless networking features. IP telephone system and media gateway with integrated VDSL VPN router and 11n wireless Two devices in one system - the be. IP plus can be used just as the be. IP for easy migration of existing ISDN systems. The plus version allows for a subsequent upgrade to a full-scale communications hub via software activation. Suitable for both point to multipoint and point to point connections at small and mid-sized businesses with multiple retail locations, home office workers, and branch offices. Product description The be. IP plus is no mere telephone system, but rather a convergent communications solution for ALL-IP services such as DeutschlandLAN IP Start and DeutschlandLAN IP Voice Data from Deutsche Telekom. These flexible systems unite all the convenient features of a telephone system with the benefits of a powerful VPN router, ensuring secure voice and data communications. The combined VDSL2 and ADSL2+ modem provides a reliable and future-proof internet connection with vectoring support for download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The professional wireless LAN implementation forms the basis of a number of applications such as integrating smartphones or wireless LAN telephones into the company network. The integrated access point operates on either the 2.5- or 5-GHz frequency band, enabling raw data rates of up to 300 Mbps. The be. IP family of systems can be individually tailored to meet your communications needs. Whether you require a LAN, additional WAN interfaces, or a perimeter network for on-site servers (web, e-mail, etc. ) - the five available Gigabit Ethernet ports offer maximum flexibility for company network design and implementation. Two internal ISDN interfaces (S0) and four analog lines (a/b) also allow for the continued use of existing telephones, fax machines, or intercom devices over your VoIP telephone service. Pc. : LSNBYNTBAYPP Így is ismerheti: be IP plus 5510000388, beIPplus5510000388, be .IP plus 5510000388
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