TELES. iGATE is a combined mobile, PSTN and VoIP gateway solution for carrier networks* and corporate customers seeking to connect their PBX to mobile and VoIP services. This full-featured gateway can be added to ISDN and IP environments in a cost-effective, quick and convenient manner. TELES. iGATE converts fixed-to-mobile into mobile-to-mobile calls, thereby terminating calls to mobile networks at rates lower than is possible over fixed-net interconnection. * TELES cannot give any advice or guarantee for the legitimacy of usage as TELES. iGATE deployment may not comply with national telecommunications regulations. TELES. iGATE provides extremely flexible least-cost routing combined with other advanced superior call-routing and rerouting capabilities. Routing strategies are based on a number of routing criteria including, for example, called party, CLIP/CLIR, time-of-day, time quota, service quality and SIM card profile. TELES. iGATE allows fixed-net service providers and corporate users to easily connect to mobile networks. TELES. iGATE comes fully equipped with common PSTN and VoIP signaling protocols including H. 323 and SIP, international SS7-ISUP Q. 767, DSS1 and Q. SIG making it highly compatible with and easy to connect to a diverse range of network components. TELES. iGATE comes complete with a VoIP gateway with up to 60 VoIP channels, 32 mobile channels, two E1 interfaces and a LAN connection. Connections to different local or remote VoIP and mobile networks and switching between individual incoming and outgoing channels - independent of the network type - are further proof of TELES. iGATE's supreme versatility. Pc. : LSNTALASYGXTA16 Így is ismerheti: iGATE GSM 16, iGATEGSM16, iGATEGSM-16
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