Gigaset N720 IP PRO

Gigaset N720 IP PRO
DECT-base-station Gigaset N720 IP PRO They form the radio cells of the DECT telephone network. Every base station handles till 8 calls Gigaset-handsets Up to 100 handsets can be connected. Up to 30 DECT connections are made at the same time (calls, email queries, links to online phone books and the information center). The following handsets are supported: Gigaset SL610H PRO, SL400H, S810H, E49H. For more information regarding the functions of the handsets in connection with the Gigaset base stations, refer to the chapter accessories and online at www. gigaset. com/pro/gigasetn720 on the service side. Participants can use their handset in all DECT cells, receive or initiate calls (roaming) and change at will during a telephone conversation between the DECT cell (handover). A handover is possible only within the same cluster. PBX You can connect your DECT phone system to a PBX for VoIP, ISDN or analog telephony, for example: a Gigaset T500 PRO or T300 PRO a PBX system from a third party a PBX in the Internet (Hosted PBX) creates the connection to the public telephone network enables centralized management of telephone connections, telephone directories, network answering machines. Clustering with the Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System You can use the DECT base stations, that you have installed at your site, devided in several independent groups called clusters, and using a Gigaset N720 DM PRO DECT Manager Manage. (Our article nr. VOGIGAN720DM) This makes it possible to manage widely spaced central portions DECT. The DECT Manager is connected over the local network with the base stations and the telephone system and is therefore not dependent on DECT ranges. It ensures access to the centrally configured IP connections, telephone directories, etc. The handover of handsets between clusters is not possible. Planning your DECT radio network The careful planning of your DECT radio network is a prerequisite for the successful operation of the Gigaset N720 IP DECT multicell system with good call quality and sufficient opportunities for discussion for all participants in all the PBX associated buildings and areas. When deciding how many base stations are needed and where they should be placed, both requirements on the capacity of the telephone system and their coverage as well as many environmental conditions must be considered. The "Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System - Guide to Planning and Measurement", which is included on the product CD, facilitates the planning of your multi-cell DECT network, explains the necessary preparations for the installation and describes how to perform measurements to find the optimal positions for your base stations. Pc. : LSNGYGXN778 Így is ismerheti: N 720 IP PRO, N720IPPRO
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