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Providing a high-density seamless link between the circuit-switched telephone network and voice-over-IP the SN4961 is ideal for PBX business trunking or corporate VoIP access. Offering up to four software configurable T1/E1/PRI interfaces the SN4961 connects to any switch, PBX and data network with up to 120 simultaneous calls using SIP, T1, E1 or PRI signaling. The dual gigabit Ethernet ports connects to the network for the highest throughput with its integrated QoS router. With its built-in CSU/DSU, any T1/E1 port can be selected as a WAN port for a truly integrated voice and data access Like every SmartNode, the SN4960 delivers toll-quality voice with all industry standard CODECs including low-bandwidth G. 723/G. 729. Business class services are supported with T. 38 fax, fax bypass and modem bypass features. The SmartNode 4960 is ready for SIP TLS and SRTP through software upgrades. Exclusive DownStreamQoS™ and Voice-over-VPN features give the clear advantage of uninterrupted and secure voice communication for any call today. Features & Benefits High Precision Clock DECT PBX interoperability and improved fax performance with Stratum 3 CO quality clock. Universal SIP and T. 38 support Softswitch certified signaling support between all T1 RBS CAS, ISDN PRI, Q. SIG, SIP, H. 323 and MGCP/IUA protocols. Secure Toll-Quality VoIP DownStreamQoS and Voice-over-VPN with adaptive traffic management and shaping for maximum voice quality and secure voice communication. Transparent Telephony Features Handles complex number manipulation and mapping scenarios for most seamless integration with existing infrastructure, CLIP, CLIR, hold, transfer and much more. Management & Provisioning Web-based management, SNMP, command line interface. Automated provisioning for easy large-scale deployments. Pc. : LSNPXTT49614A178VUY Így is ismerheti: SN 4961 4 E 120 V EUI, SN49614E120VEUI, SN 4961/4E120V/EUI, SN4961/4E120V/ EUI
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