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Datasheet: System connection Ethernet 10 /100 Base-T LED 1, multi-coloured Maximum number of handsets¹ 12 Maximum number of bases COMfortel WS-Base¹ 3 VoIP protocol SIP, RFC 3261 compliant VoIP codecs G. 711, G. 726 Maximum number VoIP channels¹ 6 Operating voltage PoE, IEEE 802.3af compliant or 8V PSU (optional) Power consumption 2.8 W min. , 6.5 W max. Housing plastic Colour white Dimensions (w x h x d) 100 mm x 100 mm x 38 mm Weight (w/o modules) approx. 120 g Safety CE ¹Depending on the setup of the COMfortel WS-400 IP and the PBX system. Please have a look at the COMfortel WS-400 IP Multi Area-covering accessibility Seamless Handover - keeping calls uninterrupted and unchanged voice quality when changing radio cell areas Registration of maximum 12 handsets, expansion to a maximum of 30 handsets possible¹ Connection to the PBX system over 6 simultaneous VoIP channels, expansion to a maximum of 12 VoIP channels possible¹ Flexible adjustment of the DECT area with maximum of 3 bases (upgrade option) High audio quality with echo cancellation and comfort noise generation (CNG) Single web portal with HTTP/HTTPS for administration and maintenance of the entire DECT infrastructure Mass roll outs via provisioning server(HTTP, HTTPS und TFTP) for the complete DECT infrastructure incl. handsets Prioritisation of voice data (DiffServ) Tone dialling during a call (RFC 2833) VLAN support (IEEE 802.1q/p) VoIP codecs G. 711 μ-Law/a-Law, G. 726 and optional G. 729¹ Ideal for small to medium-sized companies which want to reserve the option to expand in the future. In its basic configuration, the IP DECT server COMfortel WS-400 IP has six VoIP call channels to the PBX system, allowing to connect 12 DECT handsets. When required, it can be easily expanded to 12 call channels, thus enabling the connection of up to 30 DECT handsets. This software clearing (subject to a charge) turns the device into a multi-cell server, enabling the connection of three additional IP DECT bases (COMfortel WS-Base). The COMfortel WS-400 IP Multi already contains the software clearing and is ready for use. Incidentally, the radio network connecting the individual bases operates with "seamless handover" - moving with a DECT handset within this radio network means you can make uninterrupted calls. Pc. : LSNXUARWS488 Így is ismerheti: COMfortel WS 400 IP DECT, COMfortelWS400IPDECT, COMfortelWS-400IP-DECT, COMfortel WS-400 IP DECT
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